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All models in the Tradiitonal range can be fitted with a high Tech boiler but also a thick soapstone top to be used as a simmering plate.

They come as standart with ‘cold hand” handles and are very safe to use due the high quality of manufacturing : airtigh firebox with outside air connection, double wall construction to create convection and the surface is safer for small children.

Side door loading when burning wood.

Made in the heart of Europe with influence of Germany’s technology as all our models are tested by independent laborotries in Stuttgart or Munich.

Technical fact sheet

Rejection of low Co 0.08 %
Battery Life Continuous fire
Dimension (WxHxD) 60 x 80 x 48 cm
Outbreak (LxW) 50 x 30 cm
Rated power 6.5 kw
Modulation 2 - 12 kw
Length of logs 45 cm
Flue ø 150 mm
Weight in kg 150
Maximum heating capacity 200 m3
Efficiency > 70 %

Points plus

Cold hand Unique controle Outside air
Convection panels Norme EN 13-240 Clean door
Big vision logs 45 cm Made in France


  • Dessus en pierre ollaire
  • Boiler

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